Can Gum Disease Cause a Heart Attack?

If you have periodontal disease, you’re nearly twice as likely to develop heart disease. Fortunately, a new technology called the Periolase Millennium Dental Laser is proving to be an effective method of treatment. The alarming heart disease statistic is from the American Academy of Periodontology. It’s surprising, considering how these two conditions seem to be unrelated.  Here’s how they’re linked,... read more »

Can Poor Dental Hygiene Kill?

We’ve all seen a smile that appears to be rotting away. But did you know that could also indicate a rotting body? Numerous studies have shown that poor dental hygiene can affect us in several ways beyond our mouths - even leading to death in some cases. It’s easy to give our mouths less attention than they deserve. First you... read more »

7 Health Threatening Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum disease is a potentially dangerous condition that affects nearly half of Americans. But would you even realize if you had it? Here are several key symptoms of gum disease and how to treat it with a new technology called “Periolase.” If at first the symptoms we mention are minor, start by improving your dental habits. Chances are you haven’t... read more »

7 Benefits of Treating Gum Disease With a Laser

As necessary as gum surgery may be, it’s often painful, debilitating and lengthy. However, a new laser-technology, called Periolase, may offer a superior alternative. Here are seven benefits of treating gum disease with a laser. Half of Americans have periodontal (gum) disease, according to the American Academy of Periodontology. While mild gum disease can be corrected with proper oral hygiene,... read more »

8 Health Problems Caused by Crooked Teeth

Think appearance is the only thing affected by crooked teeth? Think again. Research from the American Dental Association (ADA) has shown that crooked teeth can damage your dental and overall health in at least eight ways. Usually, the cause of crooked teeth is genetic, just like eye and hair color. Other causes may include early loss of baby teeth, severe... read more »

7 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

What’s a little known way to reduce your chances of contracting heart disease, stroke or diabetes? According to the American Dental Association (ADA), having straighter teeth can improve your mouth, body and mind. It’s actually not just your teeth, but also what holds them in place: Your gums. When your teeth are crooked, your gums are more susceptible to collecting... read more »

Five Surprising Health Benefits of Invisalign

Most people seek Invisalign to improve their smile for cosmetic reasons. But did you know there are numerous health advantages associated with a great smile as well? Here’s an inside look at the health benefits of Invisalign for treating five common issues. Invisalign has been proven to treat numerous dental problems, both mild and severe, from overbites to gapped teeth.... read more »

How Non-Professional Teeth Whitening Methods Can Hurt Your Teeth

Fact or fiction: Brushing your teeth with a strawberry and baking soda mix is a natural, cheap, do-it-yourself way to whiten your teeth. FICTION, according to a recent study. The safest and most effective teeth whitening method is a professional whitening kit. In fact, any non-professional whitening method will be less effective, and could potentially damage your teeth. That’s because... read more »

How Invisalign Straightens Teeth and Prevents Heart Disease

Straighter teeth can improve your health?  It’s true, according to studies by the American Dental Association (ADA). It’s why innovations like Invisalign provide benefits that extend beyond straighter teeth. Crowded or widely-separated teeth leave your gums susceptible to bacteria, which can cause oral infection. Ignored for too long, they “can also lead to other more serious ailments like heart disease,... read more »

Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Everybody wants a perfect set of dazzling white teeth, and teeth whitening is a fast and easy way to attain that ideal. Teeth whitening procedures are common within the field of cosmetic dentistry, and over the years Drs. Jay Hazen, DDS, and Sarah J. Karls, DDS, have helped hundreds of patients achieve that ideal through teeth whitening treatments. But every... read more »