Teeth Whitening Side Effects

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Everybody wants a perfect set of dazzling white teeth, and teeth whitening is a fast and easy way to attain that ideal. Teeth whitening procedures are common within the field of cosmetic dentistry, and over the years Drs. Jay Hazen, DDS, and Sarah J. Karls, DDS, have helped hundreds of patients achieve that ideal through teeth whitening treatments.

But every dental procedure comes with a certain amount of risk, and tooth bleaching is no exception. At Dentistry For Madison, we want our patients to be educated on potential teeth whitening side effects. By being educated and understanding what can lead to complications during the teeth whitening process, you can better sidestep such issues. Moreover, you will be able to make a better and more informed decision about what treatments are right for you.

Potential Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

There are several side effects commonly associated with at-home and in-office laser teeth whitening treatments:

  • Tooth Sensitivity: Your teeth may become quite sensitive for a day or so after having your teeth whitened, as a reaction to bleaching agents penetrating underlying layers of the tooth. This sensitivity may just affect your reaction to hot or cold foods, or it may be more widespread. While most sensitivity issues following teeth whitening last just a short time, in some cases – especially if your teeth are already compromised by cavities or previous damage. If you have naturally sensitive teeth, talk to your cosmetic dentist before beginning teeth whitening treatments so that you can discuss the possibility of preventative measures such as shorter whitening sessions.
  • Gum Irritation: Bleaching agents such as peroxide need to be strong in order to do their job, but that same strength can be dangerous for the mouth’s soft tissues. A good dentist will do their best to shield your gums from teeth whitening agents. But sometimes those agents can slip through barriers despite best efforts, leading to chemical burns that can result in irritation and pain. Gums are resilient, however, and usually return to normal within hours of exposure to teeth whitening agents.
  • Damage from Over-Whitening: Under normal circumstances, teeth whitening can yield beautiful results. But be careful not to go too far – overdoing it with teeth whitening procedures can actually cause permanent damage.  Over-whitened teeth can take on a discolored, dull, and gray appearance, and can even become brittle and translucent – once this has happened, porcelain veneers may be the only recourse to restore your teeth to a natural look. Be sure to discuss your teeth whitening schedule and history with your cosmetic dentist before committing to a treatment, especially if you have whitened your teeth frequently with other dentists in the past.

Contact Your Teeth Whitening Experts Today

While the risks of teeth whitening are quite real, they do not have to be a given. At our cosmetic dentistry office, we are dedicated to minimizing those risks for the most pleasant patient experience possible. Contact our cosmetic dentistry office to schedule a consultation and learn more about teeth whitening treatments today.