If you are missing teeth and looking to restore the structure, function and appearance of your smile, Dr. Jay Hazen can place and restore dental implants in Madison, Wisconsin. Dentures can provide temporary relief for missing teeth, but ultimately, replicating the natural tooth structure accurately and effectively is only possible with dental implants. Designed to mimic the tooth root, these incredibly strong titanium screws are planted within your jaw to provide an anchor for restorations such as dental crowns and bridges.

Dentistry for Madison LLC can conquer your incomplete smile with dental implants. Contact our dental office, conveniently located near Middleton and Sun Prairie, to schedule your consultation today.


Lost teeth can cause more serious dental problems if not replaced immediately:

  • The pockets in your gums left by missing teeth become hiding places for disease- and decay-causing bacteria.
  • When you lose a tooth, the remaining teeth may shift into the gap, disrupting the entire architecture of your jaw. This change in structure can increase your risk of TMJ disorder and chronic pain.
  • Bone deterioration begins immediately after a tooth is lost; the longer you wait to replace your tooth, the more severe bone loss will be; the more severe your bone loss, the lower your chances of tooth replacement will be.

Your teeth provide you with more than just the ability to chew; they also affect your speech, comfort and self-confidence. At our office, we believe that everyone deserves a chance at a beautiful smile.


Dr. Hazen and Dr. will work with you to establish a detailed and individualized treatment plan that will attend to your specific needs. The scope of your procedure, the anesthetic options, post-operative care and implant maintenance will all be discussed during your consultation. If you have any questions or concerns, this is a great time to address them.

On the day of your surgery, anesthesia will be administered, and an incision will be made in your gum to expose the bone. A hole in your jawbone will be made in which the durable titanium screw will be placed. We will fold your gums back over the implant to aid the healing process and allow for osseointegration (the fusing of the implant to the bone), which takes between six and 12 weeks.

During your second surgery, completed after the implant has bonded to the jaw, your gum will be reopened, and a small post, called an abutment, will be placed on top of the implant. This abutment will connect your new, artificial tooth to the anchored implant. Because the implant will still need more time to heal completely, a temporary crown can be placed at this time to maintain the aesthetics of your smile until it is time to connect your permanent restoration


If missing teeth are inhibiting your ability to smile with confidence, our office can help. To schedule a consultation for dental implants with our dentist, contact our dental office at 608-251-8790 and change your life.