Types of Dental Crowns

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Teeth that have severe tooth decay or those that are cracked, broken, or severely discolored may benefit from the application of a dental crown. At Dr. Jay C. Hazen’s Madison cosmetic dentistry practice, we have several types of dental crowns available. Read more about the different types of dental crowns available for our Madison patients to determine which type of crown may be the best for your needs.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is placed to fully encase the visible portions of the tooth. It maintains the integrity and repairs a tooth that is broken, discolored, or suffering from severe tooth decay.

Types of Dental Crowns

You will have many options to consider when choosing a material for your dental crown. Dr. Hazen will help his Madison patients choose which type of dental crowns will work best for them. Learn more about the types of dental crowns here.

  • Metal crowns: These crowns, which are made entirely of metal, are beneficial because they allow you to keep more of your own tooth. They also do not damage your surrounding teeth as much as some of the other dental crowns might. Unfortunately, metal crowns are not an attractive option. They are silver in color so they are conspicuous, especially when placed in the front facing teeth or when laughing and talking. Dr. Hazen often replaces metal crowns with porcelain restorations to improve the aesthetics of the smile.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal: This crown has metal at its center but it is covered by a porcelain shell. It allows for the strength offered by a metal crown but has the added benefit of improved appearance. This crown will require more space and can cause minimal damage to surrounding teeth. Unfortunately, the metal center may show through the porcelain a bit, especially after a couple years of wear.
  • Resin: This is an inexpensive option that can match the color of your teeth. You should keep in mind that resin crowns are the weakest dental crown available. They will not hold up well to biting and chewing and it are more likely to be damaged than any other crown material.
  • Ceramic or porcelain: With this crown, you can get the closest match to your tooth color. There is not metal in the center of this crown, so the ideal tooth color will remain for the life of the crown. It is the best option to consider as far as the aesthetics are concerned. However, this crown will cause more damage to surrounding teeth than any other crown option.

Dr. Hazen can determine if you are in need of dental crown treatment. For some of our patients in Madison, dental fillings may be all that is necessary to repair teeth and restore them to their natural health and function.

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