Invisalign® Does More Than Just Straighten Your Teeth

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Ok, so you have a few crooked teeth that have been bothering you for a while. Braces you say, better yet, Invisalign®.

By straightening your teeth, you also are helping out the rest of your mouth. Our team at Dentistry for Madison is here to discuss the additional benefits Invisalign® brings along with a straighter smile.

Help a smile out

It’s no secret that an attractive smile demands straight teeth and Invisalign® is a modern way to achieve that.

Most people don’t know about the beneficial *side effects* of straightening your teeth.

Here are the top three!

Say sayonara to overcrowding

Flossing is tough to keep up with even if you are flossing a straight smile. If you have crowded teeth, flossing can be an even bigger nuisance. Getting between those places where teeth overlap makes oral hygiene a hassle, and something that could make you less diligent about your daily dental care.

If you don’t get the stuck food particles thoroughly flushed out between overcrowded teeth, your risk for cavities and gum disease increases. Invisalign® addresses this issue and makes it easier to properly clean your teeth and gums.

Wave goodbye to those gaps

No one ever said a gap between those two middle teeth was a cosmetic flaw. Sometimes people even pay for the *gap* look!

But not everyone feels that way about the gaps between their teeth, and it’s often the reason some seek cosmetic dentistry.

Invisalign® is an effective solution that shifts teeth together and corrects any gaps, giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Welcome to a better bite

When you bite down, do your upper and lower teeth fit together like a match made in heaven? If they don’t, it’s a sign that your bite isn’t properly aligned.

“Wide open spaces” is not something you want when singing of your smile. These spaces may be the reason you don’t have the voice of an angel. They may also cause difficulties when chewing.

Misalignment of your jaw and bite can initiate TMJ problems that result in pain, muscle tension, headaches, and other chronic discomfort.

Invisalign® can help correct minor issues with overbites and underbites so your arches fit together correctly. Fixing bite issues is a great way to protect your oral health by avoiding unnecessary damage and worn down teeth.

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