Inlays and Onlays Treatment

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We would all like to avoid the need for major restorative dental work. We can try our best to keep our mouth healthy, but sometimes decay and other problems will pop up anyway. If you have severe tooth decay you may assume that a dental crown is the only treatment option. Dr. Jay C. Hazen, a respected Madison cosmetic dentist, can let you know if inlays and onlays treatment may be a better treatment plan for you.


In most cases, we will recommend to our patients in Madison, dental fillings to repair the damage that has been caused by tooth decay. However, some of our patients come to us with severe damage, either as a result of tooth decay or large fillings that were previously placed. Whenever possible, we will try to avoid applying a dental crown by providing inlays or onlays treatment instead. If the patient has a significant amount of healthy tooth structure left, we will be able to do this.

Inlays and Onlays Treatment

Inlays and onlays share characteristics with both dental fillings and dental crowns. They really offer you the best of both worlds. Like fillings, they allow you to keep any healthy tooth that is remaining. They fill in the area that has been lost to decay. They are like crowns in that they can treat the surface area of the tooth as well. Without destroying a large portion of the tooth we can apply an inlay or onlay to the top surface of the tooth, either including or not including the tooth’s cusps.

The Process

Thanks to the advanced technology of the CEREC CAD/CAM, inlays and onlays treatment can now be completed in just one visit to our Madison dentist office. Many dentists send your impressions to a dental lab where it can take several weeks for the fabrication to be completed. This leaves your teeth vulnerable while you are waiting for treatment to be completed. At our office we can clean, prepare, and apply your inlay or onlay all on the same day. After your tooth has been prepared we will photograph and measure your tooth so that your inlay or onlay can be made immediately, right here in our office. After a short wait in our comfortable office, we’ll be ready to apply the restoration. We will use dental resin to bond the inlay or onlay into place so that you can regain the health of your tooth and improve its strength.


Patients receiving inlays and onlays treatment are able to conserve more tooth structure and retain their natural tooth color. Inlays and onlays are also more comfortable and natural feeling than some alternative treatments. In addition, inlays and onlays are durable. They can last for many decades if you keep your mouth healthy.

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