Gum Recession: Symptoms and Treatments

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What is gum recession? When more of your teeth and less of your gums start to show, this is called gum recession

Gum recession can affect people of all ages. It can even happen to people with excellent oral health practices. When teeth are healthy, the gum tissue fits like a glove around each tooth.  As for a tooth with gum recession, the gum tissue has been pulled away from the tooth, in some instances leaving the root exposed. Since the root surface lacks the hard enamel that covers the top of the tooth, the root can become more sensitive to hot and cold.

Gum recession is both an oral and cosmetic concern often caused by the following…

  • Genetics
  • Grinding your teeth
  • Poor oral health
  • Off-center bite
  • Trauma to the gum or mouth

How to prevent further gum recession:

  • Use a soft bristled toothbrush
  • Brush lightly
  • Floss daily
  • Add mouthwash to your daily oral hygiene routine
  • Stick to your 6 month cleaning schedule
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking and chewing tobacco

If the recession is advanced…

and the root of the tooth has become exposed, a gum graft may be necessary.  
At Dentistry for Madison, we complete these 2 steps when treating gum recession.  

  1. We start by treating any and all tooth decay and gum disease.
  2. After treating all decay and disease we perform what’s called a soft tissue augmentation. This will either involve using soft tissue from a patient’s own mouth (usually the palate) or using artificial soft tissue grafts. Whatever the case, these will be carefully sutured into place along the patient’s gumline in order to improve tissue density.

In some cases gum grafts are done for health reasons, just as commonly they are performed for cosmetic reasons. Gum contouring is a simple fix for anyone who is unhappy with the way their gums appear or how their gums affect their overall smile. Read more about gum contouring on our blog.

Next Steps

If you think you might have gum recession, call Dentistry for Madison to schedule a complimentary consultation. We can review your case, concerns and discuss your treatment options.
For more information about other options for enhancing dental health and dental aesthetics, be sure to contact our Madison, WI cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. The entire team at our practice looks forward to helping you achieve the best looking and healthiest smile possible.


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