A Chipped Tooth Is a Dental Emergency

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Chew on too many ice cubes? Drop your phone on your face? Over-indulge in popcorn? However you chipped your tooth, you are probably in pain and feeling a bit self conscious when you smile.

First Steps

First things first, call your dentist and schedule an appointment ASAP. At Dentistry for Madison, Dr. Hazen’s phone number for dental emergencies is 608-251-8790.

In the time between chipping your tooth and seeing your dentist, make sure to use mouthwash and keep the swelling to a minimum. In order to manage the swelling and pain, take an over the counter pain medication and indirectly ice the affected area. It is also recommended to avoid dramatically hot or cold foods and drinks since they can trigger additional tooth sensitivity.

At Your Dentist

Fixing a damaged tooth is not a one-size-fits all solution. Your dentist will evaluate the situation and find a solution that works best for you. Don’t have a regular dentist? An experienced cosmetic dentist will have access to the most restoration options, including:


If your cracked tooth is causing a severe cosmetic issue, teeth veneers may be the solution for you. A porcelain veneer will cover the entire front of your damaged tooth seamlessly removing the appearance of a chipped tooth. Material choice of dental veneers is important as porcelain veneers are carefully crafted to match your smile, never fade, and last up to twenty years.


Crowns are much like veneers in that they are both usually made of porcelain. The only difference between the two is that crowns cover the entire tooth, while veneers only cover the front side. If you lost a larger portion of a tooth, a crown is probably the best solution for you. A crown will not only fix the appearance of your smile and restore your chewing surface, a crown will also prevent any further tooth decay and exposed nerves.


Bonding is an option for small, non-complicated instances. Your dentist will simply roughen up the enamel before bonding a composite material to the existing tooth. The composite material will be shaped and colored to match your original tooth to give it a natural look. If cared for correctly, this solution can last up to ten years.

Dental Implants

Did you crack off the vast majority of your tooth? If this is the case, a dental implant is a solution for you. After removing your tooth, your dentist will add a metal post into your gum line where he/she will attach a new, life-like tooth. By removing the old tooth an installing an implant, you avoid infections and most likely a root canal.

Chipped teeth are unattractive, but they’re not only a cosmetic issue. Having a chipped or cracked tooth can also affect your bite or lead to nerve damage. Take the time to schedule an appointment and discuss potential options with your dentist. It is better to take care of your chip right the first time rather than doing a quick fix and running into the same issue months later.

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth or would like a better solution to a poorly repaired one, Contact Dentistry for Madison and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Jay Hazen.