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Dr. Jay Hazen is a dentist serving the Madison area with comprehensive dental treatments. He provides a range of cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry treatments. Find out how you can benefit from Invisalign®, teeth whitening and more.

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Announcer: Just blocks from the Capital building in Madison, Wisconsin, Dentistry for Madison provides the best in general, as well as cosmetic dentistry in the area. Dr. Hazen: At Dentistry for Madison, Dr. Karls and I have been trying very, very hard to provide cutting-edge technology and a wonderful experience for our patients, so that we are the talk of the town when it comes to cosmetic and reconstructive, as well as general dentistry. Announcer: Both graduates from Marquette University, Dr. Hazen and Dr. Karls both share a love for the area, which is what drove these two doctors to open their practice here in Madison. Dr. Karls: One of the best parts of Madison is that you can be in the middle of a farm, and then 10 minutes later, you're in the middle of a city. It's got the best of both worlds. Dr. Hazen: We have a really good lifestyle here in Madison. It's a vibrant city; great restaurants. Madison's been great. The people are wonderful. Announcer: This dental practice is not like any other. With a warm, inviting staff, they make you feel more like you're at home than a dental office. Male 1: The staff at Dr. Hazen's office is wonderful. I know all the hygienists. They call me by my first name when I walk in the door. Brenda: The most rewarding part of my job here is the relationships and friendships that I've created with patients over the years. Trisha: We are totally a part of their life. That makes me happy. Announcer: Staying on the cutting-edge of technology, Dentistry for Madison uses state-of-the-art equipment, providing a pain-free experience for their patients. Male 1: The Number 1 thing I love about Dr. Jay is there's no pain involved. You walk in; it's a great office. He treats you well; great bedside manner. Female: I've never had a crown or a root canal before, and it was something that I knew I needed to have done. It wasn't bad, at all. It was in-and-out; it took less time than I thought. Announcer: It's not just the wide array of services they provide, it's the wonderful personalities and the strong sense of family that draw patients to this Madison dental practice. Male 1: I've known Dr. Jay for over 20 years. He's not only a wonderful dentist, he's a great dad, he's a great supporter of the Madison community. He's a lot of fun to be with and he's more like a friend than he is a dentist to me. Announcer: Their passion for their work is equally apparent, and noticed by their patients. Male 2: When Dr. Hazen comes in to the examining room or when he comes to see you, there's a sense of confidence, of a desire to do a great job, and a desire to let you know that you're in the right place. Announcer: At Dentistry for Madison, giving the gift of a more beautiful smile is just as much of a gift for the doctors as it is for the patients. Dr. Karls: I'm so happy with what I do; it's wonderful to be able to give back. When you change a person's life, it's the most gratifying experience. Dr. Hazen: There's a saying we have here in our office, and that is: A smile can change a life. It not only changes the life of the person that you improve their smile for, but it improves the life of people around them. They become, in my opinion, more outgoing. That's really been, probably, the biggest gift I've gotten back from the things that I've been able to do, is watch people really change how they are and how they interact with everyone.