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Clear Orthodontics or Veneers?

Invisalign® Candidates Madison


Dr. Jay Hazen discusses the difference between Invisalign® candidates and veneers candidates at his Madison practice. Veneer are recommended when patients have only a few minor imperfections. Invisalign® addresses more complex alignment issues.

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I always tell patients, "If your thinking about porcelain veneers, there are usually a couple of parameters." If you have beautiful teeth that are just crowded or spaced, we like to look more along on, maybe orthodontic way to straighten the teeth. I don't want to prep teeth that are already beautiful. Teeth, for me, that are good candidates for veneers are teeth that have a lot of wear, teeth that have color problems, maybe tetracycline staining, teeth that have large restorations or fillings in them, teeth that have been damaged, teeth that have been broken traumatically, teeth that have been repaired because of trauma maybe years ago, but that repair wasn't really not a permanent fix. In many instances, people had crowns and veneers done years ago with really inferior porcelain and material that just doesn't look as lifelike as the smiles that we create today.